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Do you Juana? We do! Meet our favourite jumpsuit

Looking for a quick update to your wardrobe? May we suggest - our Juana jumpsuit?  They're perfect for transseasonal wear. Perfect for layering. Perfect in every way!  "Cut for curves, our Juana jumpsuit is a best-seller for good reason. Featuring a buttonfront and internal tie waist, it creates a beautiful shape that's comfortable to wear - and a killer in the style stakes," said Emily Dezentje, founder - Little Tienda. BREASTFEEDING FRIENDLY: Easy to unbutton, the Juana jumpsuit is ideal for the breastfeeding mum. And available in three different prints - you really can choose your own adventure:  Day Trip - Colour Burst (top): hand-dyed and featuring a muted rainbow of colour, crafted from organic cotton this jumpsuit is fun and relaxed; Le Tigre (above): if you love colour...
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This vest is best

March kicks off Autumn - a little closer to winter, and the start of transseasonal wardrobes. The need to layer up, but the need to be clever about it - there's nothing worse than those humid days and you're dressed inappropriately. Autumn calls for clever layers - and our Xael vest is the answer! Not too bulky, effortlessly cool. We're in!  "Our Xael vest was created to add a little burst of colour. Hand-dyed in the most wonderful Fruit Tingle-like palette - it's perfect layered with other colourful pieces, or ridiculously cool with denim and a white tee. Tactile and fun to wear, it feels just as good as it looks," said Emily Dezentje, founder - Little Tienda. Crafted in India from 100% cotton, the...
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The future looks bright: Day Trip Colour Burst

Introducing our newest collection drop - Day Trip Colour Burst.  Escape the everyday, journey with Little Tienda's 'Day Trip' our first collection for 2022. Eclectic, adventure-filled and vibrant. Combining lavender florals, sunshine gingham and hand-crafted colourful tie dyes bursting on luxe organic cotton. Let's string out summer a little longer, close our eyes, hum a tune and go on a Day Trip together. "To counter the uncertainty, as a foil to the banal - I created Day Trip. A collection that is full of optimism, movement and joy. As we dreamt of normality returning, my intention was to add a dash of fun to your everyday wardrobe - colour is so uplifting, so while we couldn't travel far beyond our own home - Day Trip was...
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Welcome to Day Trip! Sunshine awaits

We've combined some of our best-selling silhouettes with fresh new shapes in a fun vibrant Sunshine Gingham. We introduce you to Little Tienda's Day Trip.  This season we take you to colourful Jaipur, as a poetic ode to honour our team who create our collections from the same town, and celebrate the life, beauty and joy found there.  We take you on a Day Trip around this gorgeous town: to transport and journey you to far away lands in pieces that are created to be worn and enjoyed everyday, both sustainably and luxuriously.  Explore Day Trip now.
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Made-to-order: Maribel Ocean

Due to popular demand, we're bringing Maribel in Ocean back. But only for a limited time, and this time, she's limited edition. One of our most popular dresses, Maribel is a complete dream -  just as fabulous to look at as she is to wear. Gentle ruffled details, volume and structure combine to create one of our best-selling maxi dresses of all time (and we've been around for a while.) We're creating a very small run of this favourite - made-to-order, no waste, limited run - to be dispatched the first week of April. Crafted from organic cotton and made in India, Maribel is made to suit a range of shapes and styles - and feel magical for everyone.  If you need a Maribel in your...
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A - Z: tips to get you from awake to zzzz

Actually we're not giving you 26 sleep tips. You can just google them*.   Instead we'd love to inspire a little bedroom makeover with our consciously crafted Little Tienda Home quilts - for the most dreamy bedroom styling and snuggling. The project itself started back in early 2021, as a way to ensure the LittleTienda team based in India were able to maintain safe work during extended lockdowns.  "Our team wanted to create an heirloom piece that encompasses the comfort we are all desperately craving, while giving back to those who create them, and keeping traditional handcrafts alive," said Emily Dezentje, founder.  A modern twist on the traditional kantha quilt, each quilt if hand-stitched by women in rural Rajasthan utilising a customary unknotted...
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Welcome to 2022

Of course, you've already walked in the door and we're at least a little fashionably late to the party. Why? Because we've been swimming in the ocean, enjoying the lick of salt on our skin. Lazy mornings, long late lunches, and as many are - staying home.  Like everyone - we have anticipated and braced ourselves for a new year - full of hope, joy, optimism. It doesn't feel like it's really yet delivered, so we will create that space ourselves - holding firm to what's important. This season we spent a lot of time in swimwear and not a lot of anything else. We had sandy toes, damp towels punctuated our living space, the smell of mangoes a welcome to holidays and...
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All I want for 2022 is...

With the new year comes expectation. Dreams, hopes, wishes: the fresh new calendar always carries so much weight - and even moreso two years into a pandemic. ​At this stage we're setting our sights low (with the hope we are delightfully surprised) - we'd be happy for a slice of cake, and to enjoy it surrounded by family and friends, we aimed higher and asked four Australian creatives to share what they're looking forward to in 2022 (may it be more than a fresh mask, plentiful sanitiser and ready access to a RAT). Holly Hipwell - The Flower Drum:  What do you hope for in 2022? I hope for more flowers, more fun and more time with my friends! Anything you're going to change this year? Yes...
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Conversations + Colour: Kara Rosenlund

As we slowly wrap up the year that was (and continues to be - please have mercy on us!), we're delighted to close our Conversations + Colour series with the one and only Kara Rosenlund.  She's someone who has jam packed a heck of a lot into her life already - and added another string to her bow with the addition of her wee baby Edie, earlier in 2021 (no doubt a highlight for many of us - who doesn't love a fresh babe in arms?!).  Kara is one of those rare people who oozes pure talent. Allow us to have a rampant fangirl moment, but there's nothing she cannot do. A photographer, stylist, who curates her own lifestyle store, and of course, so much more. Kara put a fresh lens on Australia in...
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Meet our maker: an interview with founder, Emily Dezentje

PSSST! Our founder, Emily Dezentje is humble and quiet about her achievements, and well - we're not - because we're mighty proud of all she's created with Little Tienda. Not just the brand, but the community and the support she gives the Little Tienda team in India, her vision, her ethics. It's phenomenal. We've snuck in to write this post and give Em the shout out and support she gives so many others every day of the year. We don't get to celebrate her enough - so we wanted to give you the heads up that there's a really great interview with her in the latest issue of Peppermint mag. Em talks about the origins of Little Tienda, how and why she started it -...
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