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Brisbane photographer Mindi Cooke - a moment in lockdown

Brisbane-based food, interiors and lifestyle photographer Mindi Cooke endured a number of snap lockdowns over the last 18 months with her young family. During this time she became a ruthless UNO player, dabbled in margarita mixes and enjoyed the slower pace of life.  Understated and endlessly kind, Mindi took some time out to answer some questions about what lockdown looked like for her. While she's not keen to switch careers to become a teacher, this talented photographer enjoyed spending time with her little people - enjoying the simple things. Tell us what an ordinary day in your house looked like during lockdown: We were very fortunate to have only endured short bursts of lockdown, but of course this can change...
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Preview: Washed Away - Indigo Blues

We can't wait to share this with you. A sneak peek of Washed Away - Indigo Blues, conjuring all the best of summer - choppy oceans, big skies, and a cool breeze on a relentlessly hot day.- Due to the hand-dyeing process, each piece is unique, making this collection more like wearable art than ever before.  A limited collection - we recommend committing early to avoid disappointment. Launches Monday 8th November.
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Erin Lovell Verinder's Uplifting Oxymel - a recipe

Last week we got to speak with the wonderful Erin Lovell Verinder about her love for plants, magic in nature - and all things green thumb (well some of them at least).  Graciously, Erin has shared one of her recipes from her newly released book ‘The Plant Clinic’ ($39.99, Thames & Hudson). She says it best in the intro, but we have to say - this recipe reads like a gentle hug from a dear friend, when you’re feeling blue - so we can't wait to make it. Thank you Erin.    Uplifting Oxymel When internal clouds are heavy and there is no blue sky to be seen, this plant medicine is the most fitting remedy, a gentle offering working...
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Flora for all seasons

Remember when you were small and every piece of bed linen, every rogue chair, oversized box - anything was included in fort building? It conjures feels of fun and adventure, innocent days full of sunshine and creative play. The brilliant Sophie Hansen of Local is Lovely captured her babe, on the riverbank peeking out of this ready-made fort. Pure joy. We can almost feel the grass underfoot, the babble of the water, and the butterflies in our stomach as we run in and out, hiding and dreaming up bigger worlds.  While not strictly created for forts (but who are we to say!) our quilts are handcrafted to be used however you deem fit. We love ours thrown - haphazardly - across...
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Conversations + Colour: Erin Lovell Verinder

If we were stranded on a desert island - we think Erin Lovell Verinder would be a good person to be stranded with. Not only does she know a heck of a lot about plants (does anyone remember the forbidden blue berries from Blue Lagoon?) - we think she'd make super company.  We rock around on the sand dancing Robyn style, she'd help us navigate the natural power of plants. Win:WIN! Herbalist. Healer. Author. Mentor. Nutritionist. Is there anything she can't do? We doubt it. We really loved sitting down and learning more about her practice, favourite flowers and how she came to learn so much about plants. Also she's a green thumb, so we're hoping via osmosis we become...
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Conversations + Colour: Kari Vallury

This week we travel to Adelaide (we wish) and meet with the effervescent and intelligent Kari Vallury - founder of SlowClothes, reproductive health & rights researcher and advocate, avid composter and gardener, and all-round excellent person. We get to chat about how Kari fell in love with ethical fashion - why it's important to her, how she founded Slowclothes with a light-bulb moment, how to deal with the overwhelm, she shares her tips on starting small - and lets us in on what her favourite vintage item in her wardrobe is. Plus so much more.  Packed full of life, reassuringly genuine, and passionate - we're delighted to introduce you to Kari. Kari Vallury, tell us who you are and what you want us...
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At home with Jason Grant

We are all for a relaxed and lived in and loved home. Curated with special pieces, natural fibres that are breathable, and in their simplicity bring a luxurious quality to the home.  Byron-based interior stylist, designer and author Jason Grant recently styled his bed with our new Playa quilt - coastal cool, a palette of ocean, sky blue and white juxtaposed against the most joyous colour of them all - buttery yellow. "Styling seems such a clinical term for me these days - especially for the home. I prefer the term decorating (it's a little old-fashioned but I like it). For me it's more natural and instinctual, not overly considered or tortured. I've always loved a lived-in look. Maybe odd for someone who's...
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Earthy neutrals - for you and your home: 4 favourites

Little Tienda is known for colour and print - however we've found ourselves increasingly drawn to earthy neutrals.  It could be a reflection of the state of the world, it could be our yearning for connection to earth, or maybe neutrals are just the perfect foil to our collection of punchy prints. No matter what - we're really loving neutrals. Here are four favourites!  For a tranquil home: Minimalist and timeless the Canyon quilt from the new Little Tienda Home collection features colour blocking for the win.  The two-tone delight (dusty blush reversing to a slightly paler ochre pink) evokes the warmth of the Australian landscape. A modern twist on the traditional kantha (meaning: patched cloth), each quilt is lovingly...
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Conversations + Colour: Natalie Miller

With a zest for life and colour, Natalie Miller has forged the path as one of the world's favourite textile artists. With works scattered around the globe, this Southern Highlands local remains humble and shares her love of palette pal through both her work and wardrobe. Merging her love of design with her passion for chroma - she's recently completed work at Berrima's renowned Bendooley Estate, where she took on the mammoth role of architect, interior architect and created an awe-inspiring tapestry for the space. We can't wait to visit.  As a genuine brand super fan, Natalie truly encompasses who a Little Tienda woman is: a celebration of individuality, passion, authenticity and a lover of colour and pattern. She is...
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Our new tisane conjures open fields + flowers

As a slow fashion brand, we understand the importance of truly slowing down and taking time to enjoy simple rituals. Which is why we partnered with Apotheca by Anthia to create our very own 'Come to the Meadow' tisane - to celebrate slow days and our Meadow collection with the idea of endless fields of flowers and sun-filled days. A natural tisane inspired by the sensation of running through open meadows; soothing, healing and calming - it can be enjoyed either hot or cold.   “Women take on so much - I loved the idea of creating a bespoke tisane just for our Little Tienda community to be enjoyed any time of the day. A few minutes of mindfulness to...
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