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Introducing Pastel Bloom

Ever the optimists, we're looking forward to welcoming spring. The seasonal shift, longer days, jasmine floating on the warm air. And of course, the promise of afternoons in the sunshine spent with family and friends.  Our new collection, Pastel Bloom, is the celebration of all of those things. A super-soft handwoven cotton pastel plaid, featuring hand-embroidered flowers crafted by female artisans in Jaipur, India - the collection is filled with traditional craftsmanship reimagined for 2021.  Crafted with care over months, the Pastel Bloom collection is a community project uniting three different artisan communities and resulting in one unified range. Designed to be worn and enjoyed all season long (and of course, for years to come). Flowers. Plaid. Three timeless and...
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Conversations and Colour: Rachel Burke (aka @imakestagram)

Is there a more joyous inspiration than Brisbane-based creative queen, princess of palette play, and dame of the dazzling, Rachel Burke? We think not. For years she's inspired with her optimistic creations - from her iconic tinsel jackets, her sunglasses that Elton John would go ga-ga over (and so would Gaga for that matter), and her radiant demeanour.  We got lucky enough to chat with the tinsel maven herself - an artist, author, designer and mum of Hugo (ok and of Daisy the daschund, too) - about tinsel, pipe cleaners and all the great stuff in between (and there's a lot, but it's one heck of a fun ride!).  Welcome to the wonderful world of Rachel Burke.  Queen of Tinsel, tell us who you are and...
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Conversations and Colour: Emiko Davies

With so many Australians currently in lockdown, this week we wanted to transport you out of your home - across the waves, and into beautiful Italy. Welcoming us into her wonderful world is the generous, humble and hugely talented Emiko Davies.  Don't know Emiko? Wow. Well please allow us to introduce you. Australian-Japanese cookbook author (you should really check her out) Emiko has lived in Italy for over 10 years, has probably the cutest kids on the planet, and as if that's not enough to convert you - she has a sommelier husband - and they all live together in sensuous Italy. Sounds too good to be true? Well step into Emiko's world and you'll never want to leave. Forget...
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Introducing the Little Tienda subscription

A message from Emily Dezentje - founder of Little Tienda: If you follow us on Instagram - then you would have heard the news. For a long time I have wanted to create a special community of frock lovers, who trust me with the gorgeous task of dressing them each season. A complete passion project - it will result in you wearing a limited edition surprise dress designed by me. Introducing the Little Tienda seasonal frock subscription.  We've already started work on the first piece, ready for Spring. She is a total delight in every sense of the word, and versatile - I always design for all shapes and sizes. So how does it work? Well as it's seasonal, you will be billed every three...
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Conversations and Colour: Qew Hector

When you see her, you might experience something out-of-this-world - a wash of happiness, optimism - and you'll no doubt want to study every inch of her artfully curated outfits (we sure do).  Qew Hector IS colour. The antithesis of stereotypical Melbourne fashion - she can't get enough of every hue, synonymous with her use of a wide and playful palette. She conjures The Rolling Stones 'She's a rainbow' - and we could not love her more.  Bright (in every sense of the word), powerful, big-hearted and dedicated to her beautiful family (Jimmy, Olive and Pickles the sausage dog), Qew chatted with us about sobriety, her very real love for Real Housewives and gave us the scoop on who we...
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9 questions with Little Tienda founder, Emily Dezentje

This week we scored a little time with Little Tienda founder, Em Dezentje to ask 9 burning questions. Between running a global fashion label from her Queensland based office, parenting four children - in school holidays no less, with a cheeky lockdown thrown in for good measure, and curating future collections, Em shared what she's got on her plate and what she's looking forward to. What are you working on this week that you can share with us? Oh so much fun is happening behind the scenes. After the last 12 months of never knowing what will happen, we now create for future collections - and also on the fly. If we have a great idea, we roll with it instead of...
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Conversations and Colour: Deb Bibby

Deb Bibby needs no introduction. For someone so softly spoken, she holds an intelligence and creativity that quietly simmers away, powerful in her understatement. Warm, gentle, fierce - what may seem like a paradox is supremely Deb.  And if you're thinking: "Well I don't know Deb." You do. She's the mastermind (founding editor-in-chief, no less) behind the cult-like status of lifestyle magazine real living. Within both interiors and fashion, Deb has edited publications across London and Sydney for over 20 years.   Content specialist. Creative consultant. Chief storyteller. Beautiful inside and out, and an absolute zeitgeist, we were lucky to spend some time with Deb at her home, a boatshed overlooking Pittwater, to chat about life defining moments, favourite get-up-out-of-your-chair tunes,...
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Introducing Rainbow Disco

What started in the midst of lockdown 2020 is now realised as a beacon of triumphant colour amidst lockdown 2021. Introducing Rainbow Disco, the latest collection from Little Tienda founder and designer, Em Dezentje.  “Creativity is my escape from the uncertainty of the world around us. As a counterpoint I created a graphic and bold print - punchy blocks of colour - at that time I was unaware my team in India were to head into 18 months of heartbreaking lockdowns. It’s taken that long for Rainbow Disco to come to life - but it’s a celebration of our collective optimism, hope and love,” said Em. Punchy bright colours juxtaposed with the sweetness of delicate flowers - a signature Little...
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Conversations and Colour: Alexa Rae Vitug

It was love at first sight. Drawn to her effortless style and palette play, we stayed because - well because the woman is a goddess in every sense of the word. This week we’re introducing you to the wonderful world of Alexa Rae Vitug. An artist based in North California, she dabbled in painting before moving onto photography, she “eats fashion for breakfast” and loves singing in the shower. What’s not to like?  Tell us who you are and what you want us to know about you: I’m Alexa. I’m a 27 year old artist living in Northern California. I was traditionally trained in painting but soon pivoted to photography. I felt I could express myself in a different way...
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Welcoming our 2021 Knits

Our knits are back and they might have just got better! We continue to partner with our team in Mexico, truely a gorgeous gift to work with them Our merino is sourced locally and hand spun by the team. They then hand dye the wool giving it a special marbling look that only hand dying can. Lupe and Lupita then hand knit each piece. True works of art. This year we introduce Norah to the gang. A very special hand knitted piece that is a little more dramatic and incredible on. Looking forward to introducing new pieces as they year rolls on.
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