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Stories — Sustainability

Fabric: friends & foes - Kari Vallury

Back in April we introduced Kari Vallury as part of the Little Tienda team. This month she's back to talk about sustainable fabrics. Friend. Foe. How to navigate this tricky world? Kari explains what's good, bad and ugly in the world of fabric and taking care of Mother Nature.  We recognise that it's difficult to know where to start when there are so many messages being flung our way, Kari immerses us in some real talk that's easy to understand and digest.  Literally THE most common question I get when I’m talking to people about fashion sustainability is, “which fabrics are most sustainable, and why?”. Materials can account for up to 80% of a garment’s environmental footprint, which makes understanding the...
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Meet Kari Vallury

This week we introduce Kari Vallury to the Little Tienda team.  Kari is someone we greatly admire. We've chatted with Kari back in 2021 - you may remember her. Founder of SlowClothes, reproductive health and rights researcher and advocate, avid composter and gardener and a highly insightful, intelligent woman who knows a lot about.. a lot. We say this as a grand understatement.  We've invited Kari to come onboard each season to share a post about a range of topics that are close to her heart - and we're deeply interested in. We hope you are too.  Where better to start? This month Kari shares a little about herself and how she came to be where she is right now....
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