Garment Care Instructions

When in doubt, dry clean.

Love and wear often. Following these tips will prolong the shelf life of your garment, which was designed and constructed to live with you day after day, season after season. We hope you enjoy it through the seasons of your life!

Wash only as needed, consider Mother Earth first. Hand wash in cold to tepid (room temperature) water, washing one garment at a time or with like colours.

We strongly recommend hand washing only with a mild, pH neutral eco-friendly cleanser. This is of the utmost importance when home laundering our pieces as some garments are susceptible to hue change when confronted with acidic or alkaline cleaning agents.

Lay flat or hang dry. For all block printed and hand dyed garments, please do so away from direct sunlight. To maintain your garments original colour, we recommend drying your garment inside your home away from direct sunlight. If you are line drying outside, please do so in a shady area.