As the sound of the bell above the door rings throughout the BODEGA, it marks the entrance into an experiential world of design in the common everyday. Your one stop shop for all things needed, familiar scents welcome you to your local haunt.  


Little Tienda's BODEGA collection empowers creative expression within community by discovering the everyday magic hidden in plain sight. For those who seek more than the ordinary; BODEGA reinvents the traditional through a curated blend of visually bold textiles, corduroy and organic cottons that are both sustainable yet everyday. Unassuming and unpretentious, it is everything you never knew you needed. 



Stroll through the aisles allowing yourself to explore intimate forms that tantalise through whispers of stories just waiting to happen. Stemming from a nostalgic ecosystem of human interactions, these designs evoke the same feeling of belonging that is found in community. 


Made to move with you throughout the day, these transient pieces are playful and chic with a focus on comfort and form. Celebrate daily habits, tastes and appetites on your everyday adventures. Fuse and layer different Bodega pieces to inspire your own style movement or flavour that speaks to you.  


With each item marked off your shopping list, with a friendly wave and comforting smile, you exit the BODEGA until next time...