Sizing Chart

Size Does Not Define Us

Little Tienda believes that size does not define who we are. We steer away from traditional sizing definitions, and look to a new way of labeling our garments. No numbers or words that carry veiled feelings. Our sizing chart reflects a new way to look at what you wear, and how our garments make you feel. Our general guide is below - though we will add more information to specific products when required. 

Ethereal — 6 to 8 AU

Stellar — 8 to 10 AU

Magnifique — 10 to 12 AU

Luminous —12 to 14 AU

Exceptional — 14 to 16 AU

Exquisite —18 to 22 AU

Vivid - 22 to 24 AU

Just Right — One Size Fits Most (8-22AU)


Welcome to a new, body positive way of looking. The path to reminding yourself daily of your magic.

Little Tienda creates garments that are oversized to be worn effortlessly. If you have questions about a specific garment, let us know and we will gladly help.