About Little Tienda


In 2012 Little Tienda came into the world, shaped from the memories of far off shores and a desire to be present with family. 

Little Tienda to offers bespoke, ethically made, limited edition pieces steeped in quality and traditional handcrafts. Garments that were lovingly made, and respectful of their deeply seeded heritage and cultural significance. 

Working under an ethos of, “better, not bigger”, Little Tienda tells colourful tales with each thread. Marked with a promise of sustainability, each collection is thoughtfully designed using natural fibres to be enjoyed for years to come. Collections of versatile silhouettes to create seasonless wardrobes that can be added to, accessories and changed with you as your style evolves. 

For over a decade, Little Tienda has held community at its centre, acting as a meeting point for like minded people to come together. A community of early devotees, and those that have joined along the Little Tienda journey, banded together to celebrate colour, conversation and traditional artisanal skills. 

Little Tienda asks you to do good things, and enjoy the good life. To challenge and be challenged, for the love of colour, and the community. A common voice telling a relatable story that speaks to those who know, in a way that is intuitive and approachable. 

Welcome to Little Tienda.