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Stories — creatives

Conversations + Colour: Kirsten Jenkins

She’s the person who got us through lockdown and months of boredom being in the kitchen with her inspiring Instagram feed of… food. She’s funny, insanely talented, and a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t follow Kirsten Jenkins, then we’re going to ask: where the bloody hell are you?  Food stylist, recipe developer, content creator and all-round motivator to create a really tasty sandwich (look just follow her on instagram - IYKYK), Kirsten works with a number of food titles including delicious. - and thrillingly recently revealed three ways to chop a spring onion (there’s nothing she can’t do!!). She loves a Negroni - and quite frankly, we’d love to have one with her, we got to chat...
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We have got Mother's Day gift ideas. Yes. We do. (+ a special offer)

"Mother’s Day always makes me reflect on how lucky I am to have a such a great relationship with my mum and for awesome she is.  Of course I’m very lucky to be a mother of such beautiful little loving boys now too and that in itself makes me feel very special.  On the day, I do hope I get a little bit of rest and some kooky artwork from my kids too, fingers crossed." - Nicole Nelius, seen here with her mum, Kim.  "For years I've been eyeing off one of Little Tienda's chunky knit cardigans. They are actually the bee's knees! Imagine wrapping yourself up like a human burrito in one of those badboys?! The colourways are happiness personified. Ok...
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Conversations + Colour: Melbourne-based artist, Madeleine Stamer

She is pure joy and radiates goodness. Melbourne-based artist, Madeleine Stamer is hope and optimism personified - and an insanely talented artist. Plus she's one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. With an illustrious career spanning a number of disciplines - ceramics, art, art educator, creative collaborator - she's prolific as she is inspired.  Colourful, playful and fun - the inimitable mum of two, is a joy to know in real life as she is to follow on Instagram. Effortlessly cool - this week we chat with Maddi about what's happening in her life. Madeleine Stamer. What should we know about you? Hello, I’m Madeleine or some people prefer to call me Maddi, Mads, Mad, Madge!  I’m a Melbourne artist, I’m...
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Conversations + Colour: Nicki Nelius

If you meet Nicole Nelius in real life - you'll recognise her warmth, enthusiasm and joy for life in an instant. And of course her inherent creativity. She's a bundle of energy - who has continued pushing ahead in her career, from stylist assistant to stylist, to artist. It's a joy to watch.  With a background in gymnastics (honestly, this woman can mooooove!), Canadian born Nicki is ridiculously talented and clever and has a wonderful way with colour. Plus she's just insanely cool too. Mum of two little boys, wife to one, inspiration to many - we got to spend some time with Nicki to learn what makes her tick. Nicki! Tell us what we should know about you: I am a Canadian, living in Sydney with...
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