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Stories — conversations and colour

Conversations + Colour: Silvia Colloca

When it comes to girl-crushes, Silvia Colloca is top of our list. Clever, witty, talented, funny, abundantly beautiful, stylish, passionate - look we could go on, but we fear we're gushing (and rightly so).  Actor, author (she's released five books!), cook, professional opera singer; the Italian-born Colloca has accompanied us during many lunch breaks (we *may* have watched her YouTube channel a lot) as she masterfully whips up a range of decadent meals - effortlessly so. We could listen to her speak about food for hours, a sort of ASMR-type situation.  Joyful and generous, we were thrilled to chat with Silvia this week.  Essentials Pantry item: Pasta, rice, olive oil, anchovies Everyday recipe: Spaghetti with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil Beauty item: Vitamin A serum!! Wardrobe...
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Conversations + Colour: Kirsten Jenkins

She’s the person who got us through lockdown and months of boredom being in the kitchen with her inspiring Instagram feed of… food. She’s funny, insanely talented, and a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t follow Kirsten Jenkins, then we’re going to ask: where the bloody hell are you?  Food stylist, recipe developer, content creator and all-round motivator to create a really tasty sandwich (look just follow her on instagram - IYKYK), Kirsten works with a number of food titles including delicious. - and thrillingly recently revealed three ways to chop a spring onion (there’s nothing she can’t do!!). She loves a Negroni - and quite frankly, we’d love to have one with her, we got to chat...
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Conversations + Colour: Melbourne-based artist, Madeleine Stamer

She is pure joy and radiates goodness. Melbourne-based artist, Madeleine Stamer is hope and optimism personified - and an insanely talented artist. Plus she's one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. With an illustrious career spanning a number of disciplines - ceramics, art, art educator, creative collaborator - she's prolific as she is inspired.  Colourful, playful and fun - the inimitable mum of two, is a joy to know in real life as she is to follow on Instagram. Effortlessly cool - this week we chat with Maddi about what's happening in her life. Madeleine Stamer. What should we know about you? Hello, I’m Madeleine or some people prefer to call me Maddi, Mads, Mad, Madge!  I’m a Melbourne artist, I’m...
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Conversations + Colour: Nicki Nelius

If you meet Nicole Nelius in real life - you'll recognise her warmth, enthusiasm and joy for life in an instant. And of course her inherent creativity. She's a bundle of energy - who has continued pushing ahead in her career, from stylist assistant to stylist, to artist. It's a joy to watch.  With a background in gymnastics (honestly, this woman can mooooove!), Canadian born Nicki is ridiculously talented and clever and has a wonderful way with colour. Plus she's just insanely cool too. Mum of two little boys, wife to one, inspiration to many - we got to spend some time with Nicki to learn what makes her tick. Nicki! Tell us what we should know about you: I am a Canadian, living in Sydney with...
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Conversations + Colour: Sophie Hansen

There’s so much to be cheerful about when you speak with Sophie Hansen. The former city girl who turned to country life - Sophie carves out the very image of wholesome goodness that most of us can only dream about. Living on a farm with her husband and two children, Sophie continues to weave together a community around recipes, the emotion and nostalgia of eating good, simple food - all while listening to House of Pain’s Jump Around while hurtling into the air on the trampoline.  We dreamily imagined hanging over the garden gate, catching up with Sophie about how she came to live in rural Australia, the wine bar where she once worked, and of course - her forthcoming book...
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Erin Lovell Verinder's Uplifting Oxymel - a recipe

Last week we got to speak with the wonderful Erin Lovell Verinder about her love for plants, magic in nature - and all things green thumb (well some of them at least).  Graciously, Erin has shared one of her recipes from her newly released book ‘The Plant Clinic’ ($39.99, Thames & Hudson). She says it best in the intro, but we have to say - this recipe reads like a gentle hug from a dear friend, when you’re feeling blue - so we can't wait to make it. Thank you Erin.    Uplifting Oxymel When internal clouds are heavy and there is no blue sky to be seen, this plant medicine is the most fitting remedy, a gentle offering working...
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Conversations + Colour: Erin Lovell Verinder

If we were stranded on a desert island - we think Erin Lovell Verinder would be a good person to be stranded with. Not only does she know a heck of a lot about plants (does anyone remember the forbidden blue berries from Blue Lagoon?) - we think she'd make super company.  We rock around on the sand dancing Robyn style, she'd help us navigate the natural power of plants. Win:WIN! Herbalist. Healer. Author. Mentor. Nutritionist. Is there anything she can't do? We doubt it. We really loved sitting down and learning more about her practice, favourite flowers and how she came to learn so much about plants. Also she's a green thumb, so we're hoping via osmosis we become...
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Conversations + Colour: Natalie Miller

With a zest for life and colour, Natalie Miller has forged the path as one of the world's favourite textile artists. With works scattered around the globe, this Southern Highlands local remains humble and shares her love of palette pal through both her work and wardrobe. Merging her love of design with her passion for chroma - she's recently completed work at Berrima's renowned Bendooley Estate, where she took on the mammoth role of architect, interior architect and created an awe-inspiring tapestry for the space. We can't wait to visit.  As a genuine brand super fan, Natalie truly encompasses who a Little Tienda woman is: a celebration of individuality, passion, authenticity and a lover of colour and pattern. She is...
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Conversations + Colour: Victoria Aguirre

Based in the idyllic setting of Byron Bay, photographer Victoria Aguirre has worked hard to create a business that’s founded on supporting Argentinian artisans and keeping their handcrafts alive. Founded on art, heritage and culture, Pampa conjures travel stories and tradition with a modern twist via a collection of fair-trade homewares with heart. As co-founder, Victoria has curated an earthy, enduring and tactile edit with inherent global appeal - having worked with top hoteliers in far-flung places.  With an inherent love for horses and llamas (and donkeys!), her photography brings a sense of awe and warmth. Did we mention the llamas? We talk with Victoria about travel, entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and of course - her favourite toasted sandwich set up...
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Conversations + Colour: Deni Todorović

LGBTQIA+ activist. Fashion editor. Celebrity stylist. Creative director. Content creator. Pop culture addict. Style icon. Is there anything Deni Todorović doesn't do?  Unlikely! Which is why we were lucky to chat to them about life, their creative journey, and what's coming up next.  If you follow Deni on Instagram, you'll know that they're a wealth of love, support and fierceness (when it comes to fashion) - and a constant beacon of inclusiveness and warmth. And if you don't follow Deni - then do! The inimitable style genius generously and genuinely enlightens and uplifts on the daily.  We're delighted to introduce you to Deni Todorović. Tell us who you are and what you want us to know about you: My name is Deni,...
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