Muse | Donna Stain

Donna Stain describes herself as 'a botanical hunter and gatherer. A purveyor of the lean in and look closer at beauty, or step back and let your eyeballs marvel at mother natures work and a spontaneous collaborator to boot'. Currently living and working in Murwillumbah on Bundjalung Country, I strongly suggest checking it out on her instagram @donnastain. 

On a very steamy Spring day, Sabine (@_housefrau) and I visited Donna at her sublime space "Stain" in Murwillumbah. I have spoken about my love for this town before, as it is my husbands home town and a place we visit most weeks. Donna is new to the area and brings such an inspiring personality, talent and vibe. 

I asked Donna a few quick questions to get to know her a little better, she is amazing, so I loved the chance to as her some things I was keen to know.

 What is your fav city?

Barcelona! Where I just moved back from last year after 18 years living and throwing flowers around.

 What are your drinking?

Since I moved to Murwillumbah this year, I was introduced to Lemon Myrtle leaves steeped in water and chilled. 

 What are you listening to?

Róisín Murphy's latest album has me groovin'. 

Donna wears Habitual Tango Terry Elvira and Rafa in images shot by Sabine Bennard for Little Tienda