Conversations + Colour: Holly and Jordi/Yeah, Nice Gallery

Co-curators of an independent gallery based in Byron Bay, Jordi and Holly chat with us this week about how Yeah,Nice started and what’s coming up.

Please introduce yourself! 

J: I’m Jordi, co-owner of Yeah Nice. 

H: I am Holly - the other half of Yeah, Nice Gallery.

How did Yeah, Nice Gallery get started?

J: Sitting on the couch together, drinking beers and whinging there was nothing cool to do on the weekends and nowhere to see good art in the area. 

H: In a banana packing shed in Mullumbimby, a month's worth of cheap rent and the sentiment of 'Screw it! Let's just give it a go'. Almost four years later and we have just hosted our 34th show.

Tell us what your process is for discovering artists:

J: Sometimes they come to us but other times it’s the artists we feel are doing something or saying something we believe everyone needs to see. 

You’re based in Byron Bay - have you always been there? 

J: About 14 years. 

H: I moved here 12 years ago, the gallery is based in the Byron industrial estate (via Mullum, where our first space was) and we both live just out of town.

Are you both creative? In what way? 

J: I think so…. In lots of ways. I went to art school and have an arts practice and Holly has an eye to make everything just look better!

H: I like to think that we both approach life a little differently, we want to fill our days with things we love, we want to embrace creativity in ourselves and also give others the platform to express their own creativity. The gallery has been such a gift in allowing us to have a space to showcase and work alongside artists.

What’s been a highlight for you:

J: Not sure about personal or professional but I love when Holly and I have the odd “lightbulb moment” and everything seems to get exciting and a big change in the gallery happens or we try something new and it works! They are my highlights. 

What’s coming up for Yeah, Nice?

J: Lots! Stay tuned… more shows, more residencies and other cool arty things. 


Beauty: Both - Face moisturiser 

Wardrobe item:

J: Jeans 

H: Denim


J: Honey 

H: Butter



J: At the moment I’m enjoying “Talking with Painters”

H: This American Life  

Song on repeat:

J: I listen to the dorky local radio station. 

H: Black Sail by Chastity Belt

Instagram account:

J: Living vicariously through everyone living in the European summer right now.

H: @retrosydney_

Fashion inspiration: 

J: I’m currently in the middle of a post baby fashion crisis. Not sure what’s going on. Haha. 

H: Anyone who is a contradiction.

You're a... type person:

Day or night?

J: Day I’m an early riser! 

H: Day.

Beach or bush?

J: Both simultaneously. 

H: Beach.

Coffee or tea?

J: Coffee always and forever! 

H: Stovetop coffee. 

Best advice you’ve ever received?

J: Everything in moderation.. including moderation. 

H: "Every little thing's gonna be alright" I need to take this advice more often!

Favourite Little Tienda piece?

J: The Kaia vest! Wear it all the time. 

H: I love a black dress and the Lucille is my favourite.

In one month we will be…

J: Deep into helping produce a local arts festival and wrapping up the exhibition for our current artist in residence .

You can follow Yeah, Nice Gallery on Instagram

Holly wears Lucille dress in Black and Jordi wears Kaia vest with Byron top in Sand Check.


Photography: Lisa Sorgini