10th Birthday: To Em, with love

SURPRISE! We're continuing the birthday celebrations with a special surprise to celebrate Little Tienda's 10th birthday, we've prepared a virtual party for founder, Emily Dezentje.

A big part of what makes Little Tienda special is the community. So we gathered some of Em and Little Tienda's best friends to share some birthday messages. Here's what they have to say:

An ode to Little Tienda by artist Madeleine Stamer 
"I've loved watching Little Tienda evolve over the years.
From fangirl to friendship it's been an honour to watch this beloved brand flourish.
Em's creative process is the perfect package of passion, integrity, love and soul.
I treasure my Little Tienda pieces like I treasure our friendship. 
Happy double digits!"
"Little Tienda means colour, self expression, art and inclusion! It’s such a wonderful brand with a gorgeous ethos. So generous and beautiful!! Happiest of Birthdays to you!!" - Rachel Burke, imakestagram, artist

"Little Tienda fuses everything that is beautiful about clothing to me - art, inclusivity and sustainable livelihoods - into one glorious package. Little Tienda has reminded me to have fun with clothes and not focus on looking as small as possible, but instead, as fabulous and as ‘me’ as possible. Love you Em!" - Kari Vallury, Slow Clothes 

"I’ve been following the Little Tienda journey for so many years that my first dresses were for both me and my not-yet-one year old (who is turning 10 next month)! Her dresses are practical, beautiful, functional (breast fed two babies in them!) and a joy to wear." - Emiko Davies, author, food writer + photographer 

"To us Little Tienda means freedom! Em is total business inspiration, she has created a template for a woman owned and run business that combines Em’s creativity and gives her a lifestyle that totally works for her. Designing and making beautiful clothing for us all to wear, which we do and feel proud to. We feel more beautiful and confident wearing her clothes, thank you Em for putting them out into the world!" - Em and Sarah, Read and Hall, interior decorators + AirBnB powerhouses

"Little Tienda to me means soft comfort, spacious ease and rainbows. I always think of the glory of colour when I think of Em’s creations!" - Erin Lovell Verinder, herbalist, nutritionist, author 
"Em has done that rare and special thing of creating a business that has as much success as it does integrity and creativity. Happy birthday to Little Tienda and congratulations to Em and the team for creating a beautiful brand that people can feel truly good wearing." - Laura Brading, co-founder of Well Read 
"I think of bold colours and flowing fabric, wearing Little Tienda gives a sense of sparkle to an ordinary Tuesday, or any day for that matter. It’s like a fun holiday from your standard go to safe outfit and once you wear a Little Tienda dress you wonder why you don’t wear them every damn day of the week. Happiest birthday magic maker Little Tienda. Life would be so dull without you." - Sabine Bannard, photographer  
"Happy Birthday to the most magical Little Tienda. I can't believe you are ten years young 💕 I have loved celebrating many special occasions and making a lifetime of memories as my own family grows, wearing my magical LT frocks- that always make me feel goddess-like." - Qew Hector, mistress of colour, master of fun
We wish Em a happy 10 years of Little Tienda - and thank her for the endless joy, fun and confidence she's brought to us and our wardrobes. Happy birthday Little Tienda! 


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