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Stories — New Collection

Conversations + Colour: Julia Ostro

This week, we travel to Melbourne (and a few weeks back in time, between lockdowns), and we chat with cook, author and Italian teacher - the delectable Julia Busuttil Nishimura.  Back in 2017, Julia splashed onto the scene with her first cookbook ‘Ostro’.  celebration of her Maltese upbringing and time living in Italy, rather than your regular cookbook, this was a foray into the sensual art of slowing down, stressing less and getting hands on creating delicious meals with simple ingredients (if you haven’t made her greens pie - who even are you?!).  Welcome into the delicious world of Julia.  Julia Busuttil Nishimura, tell us who you are and what you want us to know about you: I am a...
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Here's your sneak preview: 'Awakening' collection ✨

A decadent mix of raspberry plaid combined with crisp white organic poplin, our new Awakening collection brings us closer to Spring.   "With five new pieces, comprising of three new silhouettes, Awakening is romantic, chic and as always ready for dancing, perfect after the year we've had," said Little Tienda founder, Emily Dezentje. Launching this Thursday (19th August), we invite you to awaken your senses and follow your heart and explore the range.  Breathe deeply in to the new season  ~ Welcome to 'Awakening'. 
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Introducing Pastel Bloom

Ever the optimists, we're looking forward to welcoming spring. The seasonal shift, longer days, jasmine floating on the warm air. And of course, the promise of afternoons in the sunshine spent with family and friends.  Our new collection, Pastel Bloom, is the celebration of all of those things. A super-soft handwoven cotton pastel plaid, featuring hand-embroidered flowers crafted by female artisans in Jaipur, India - the collection is filled with traditional craftsmanship reimagined for 2021.  Crafted with care over months, the Pastel Bloom collection is a community project uniting three different artisan communities and resulting in one unified range. Designed to be worn and enjoyed all season long (and of course, for years to come). Flowers. Plaid. Three timeless and...
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Introducing Rainbow Disco

What started in the midst of lockdown 2020 is now realised as a beacon of triumphant colour amidst lockdown 2021. Introducing Rainbow Disco, the latest collection from Little Tienda founder and designer, Em Dezentje.  “Creativity is my escape from the uncertainty of the world around us. As a counterpoint I created a graphic and bold print - punchy blocks of colour - at that time I was unaware my team in India were to head into 18 months of heartbreaking lockdowns. It’s taken that long for Rainbow Disco to come to life - but it’s a celebration of our collective optimism, hope and love,” said Em. Punchy bright colours juxtaposed with the sweetness of delicate flowers - a signature Little...
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