Little Tienda x Say Hola - a summer collab

Our designs started their life as hand-painted designs by Maria Flores of Say Hola. In her signature optimistic and upbeat palette, they shaped the collection of pared back luxury that's perfect for summer.

"The artwork I painted for Little Tienda is a fresh fruit bowl of shapes, colours and textures continuing the theme that tells my story. As I paint the artwork on paper I imagine it dancing on Little Tienda designs and complementing the wearer's mood and style," said Maria Flores of Say Hola

"Fresh memories of summer siestas in Tulum, swinging on a hammock shaded by palm trees, letting the sun peer through creating a white glow around each leaf and sticky sweet fruit scent present in the warm breeze."

Optimistic and upbeat the Jugo de Lima collection is perfect for summer wear. 

Maria continued, "the green check artwork is like magnifying, zooming in and deconstructing a lime peel bursting with different shades of green.

The papaya fruit salad is market day - a ritual of fresh and delicious desires. You can almost taste the fruit through the colour.

The strong and vibrant silhouettes are energies of nature, creating space and movement."