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Habitual Woman - Olivia Cummings

Introducing Olivia Cummings from Cleopatra's Bling.    I am Olivia, I make jewellery and tell stories. I have been in Europe the past 12 years gathering knowledge on subjects that make me passionate and from these stories and experiences, my brand was born. 
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Getting to know Habitual

A collection created to join you on your daily journey, that feels like part of you and elevates your everyday.  I wanted to create a collection that would be available year round, work with other collections and work with your existing wardrobe. White to me is such a staple. It is soft yet invigorating, refreshing and a pick me up, though understated and romantic. Six simple pieces that work so beautifully together whilst still be perfect on their own. Habitual, an everyday uniform for every day living.
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