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Introducing Little Tienda Home: quilts with a conscience

Introducing Little Tienda Home. Inspired by nostalgia and an inherent need for comfort, designed for everyday enjoyment and crafted to endure for years to come, LT Home celebrates print, pattern and colour.  Debuting with a capsule collection of three handmade, consciously crafted quilts that are perfect for piling on (or hiding under!) - Little Tienda is ideal for nesting. "Increasingly home is an important place - I wanted to create an heirloom piece that encompasses the comfort we all crave, while also giving back to those who create them," said Emily Dezentje, founder - Little Tienda. "Our quilts are tactile textiles that evoke a strong feeling of connectivity, it's an ethos at the very core of who Little Tienda is." A modern day twist...
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Conversations + Colour: Victoria Aguirre

Based in the idyllic setting of Byron Bay, photographer Victoria Aguirre has worked hard to create a business that’s founded on supporting Argentinian artisans and keeping their handcrafts alive. Founded on art, heritage and culture, Pampa conjures travel stories and tradition with a modern twist via a collection of fair-trade homewares with heart. As co-founder, Victoria has curated an earthy, enduring and tactile edit with inherent global appeal - having worked with top hoteliers in far-flung places.  With an inherent love for horses and llamas (and donkeys!), her photography brings a sense of awe and warmth. Did we mention the llamas? We talk with Victoria about travel, entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and of course - her favourite toasted sandwich set up...
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An Endless Summer in Maine

Many of you may know Julie O'Rourke as the founder of Rudy Jude, a brilliant US-based brand that I truly adore. In more ways than I can mention (but I am going to try), I am so inspired by Julie. By how she lives, mothers, loves and is endlessly creative - like endlessly talented and soooo much patience for projects that I can only hope to one day aspire to. Over the summer Julie grew her own flax on her property to create linen textiles with, no more examples needed.  I was overjoyed when Julie became a customer of mine, as I am of her brand. I really believe in women-run creative businesses that keep women in the home as much as they desire....
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Meadow ~ Launching 23rd September

Meadow is an ode to balmy Spring days filled with wild flowers and adventure. Crafted from organic cotton, we have new silhouettes to inspire and favourites to add to your collection.   Launching Thursday 23rd September  Two new prints and one new hue, we see the return of Maribel, Luana and Polly. These are Little Tienda silhouettes that are loved by all that wear them. Pieces you can turn to every season, that will become staples of your style.  We can not wait to see what you pick as a favourite.  WITH LOVE Em x
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Conversations + Colour: Laura Brading (she is very WellRead. Literally.)

Honestly, she’s the kind of person you wish was your best friend. All the right kind of smarts: witty, well read (like - literally), beautiful, well-travelled. Likes a dinner party, lives in a small coastal town, loves her kids. The epitome of understated cool.  Laura Brading loves big (stacks of) books and she cannot lie. The former book publisher and co-founding brains behind book subscription service WellRead - eats, drinks and sleeps books (in between parenting and running a cult-like business). We loved learning more about her love for the written word, her dreams of swimming in Mediterranean waters, and her go-to karaoke song. Laura Brading, tell us who you are and what you want us to know about you:...
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Dancing, cheese toasties on a Thursday and mates: Martina Gemmola shares her lockdown # 6

Having lived over 200 days in lockdowns, Melbourne-based interiors, lifestyle and travel photographer Martina Gemmola has certainly brought some semblance of organisation, routine and fun to her family’s many days in isolation.  And in between lockdown? She’s learnt to live fast, work quickly and pack as much as she possibly can in. Married to another photographer, they team up for tag-teaching, taking turns to host learning sessions for their two small boys, abandon homeschooling at 2pm, and set out on creekside adventures together.  A calm, generous soul (she once turned up laden with a stack of pizzas for a starving production team), Martina’s eye for detail, colour and life has meant she’s travelled the world and is in demand for...
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How Sydney photographer Jacqui Turk is spending lockdown

While so many Australians are bunkering down at home, we took the chance to speak with four of our favourite photographers about life in lockdown.  Traditionally behind the lens, we shone the spotlight on them to find out what this time looks for them, how they're coping, and most excitingly - what they're snacking on.  This week we chat with Sydney-based interiors and lifestyle photographer Jacqui Turk. Tell us what an ordinary day in your house looks like in lockdown: A typical lockdown day for us is wake around 7-7.30am. My husband heads out for takeaway coffees and the kids get organised for school. By 8.20am everyone is in their space doing their thing. If I am not working I...
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Conversations + Colour: Deni Todorović

LGBTQIA+ activist. Fashion editor. Celebrity stylist. Creative director. Content creator. Pop culture addict. Style icon. Is there anything Deni Todorović doesn't do?  Unlikely! Which is why we were lucky to chat to them about life, their creative journey, and what's coming up next.  If you follow Deni on Instagram, you'll know that they're a wealth of love, support and fierceness (when it comes to fashion) - and a constant beacon of inclusiveness and warmth. And if you don't follow Deni - then do! The inimitable style genius generously and genuinely enlightens and uplifts on the daily.  We're delighted to introduce you to Deni Todorović. Tell us who you are and what you want us to know about you: My name is Deni,...
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Spring baking! Julia Busuttil Nishimura's simple butter cake with raspberries - a recipe

This week we chatted with the delicious Julia Busuttil Nishimura. If you missed the interview, you can find it over on Stories.  It’s Sunday, a traditionally slow day to potter - and these days, even moreso if you’re in lockdown. We’re all looking for comfort and ways to nurture ourselves and our families. Shared from Julia’s latest book ‘A Year of Simple Family Food’, we see following this recipe as almost meditative, with the results being nourishing for both body and soul (there’s nothing better than a buttery cake fresh from the oven) - not to mention the warmth and aromas to fill your home. Excitingly - you will most likely have most ingredients in your repertoire, so you can...
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Conversations + Colour: Julia Ostro

This week, we travel to Melbourne (and a few weeks back in time, between lockdowns), and we chat with cook, author and Italian teacher - the delectable Julia Busuttil Nishimura.  Back in 2017, Julia splashed onto the scene with her first cookbook ‘Ostro’.  celebration of her Maltese upbringing and time living in Italy, rather than your regular cookbook, this was a foray into the sensual art of slowing down, stressing less and getting hands on creating delicious meals with simple ingredients (if you haven’t made her greens pie - who even are you?!).  Welcome into the delicious world of Julia.  Julia Busuttil Nishimura, tell us who you are and what you want us to know about you: I am a...
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