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Stories — Sydney

Conversations + Colour: Holly Hipwell (AKA The Flower Drum)

If you've never heard of Holly Hipwell - where the bloody hell have you been? She's one of Sydney's (and Instagram's) most eminent florists - creating mystical, almost mythical creations for events, parties and everything in between. A hilarious funster with a magnetic personality, she's the epitome of creative visionary - and is always making magic. The self-taught flower flinger with an innate style for the wonderful, lives on the Northern Beaches, and invited us over for afternoon tea (who are we kidding, we invited ourselves over).  Holly Hipwell - tell us what we should know about you: My name is Holly Hipwell and I am a flower addict. I have my furry little sidekick Ruffy (a Kelpie x Collie x human) who...
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How Sydney photographer Jacqui Turk is spending lockdown

While so many Australians are bunkering down at home, we took the chance to speak with four of our favourite photographers about life in lockdown.  Traditionally behind the lens, we shone the spotlight on them to find out what this time looks for them, how they're coping, and most excitingly - what they're snacking on.  This week we chat with Sydney-based interiors and lifestyle photographer Jacqui Turk. Tell us what an ordinary day in your house looks like in lockdown: A typical lockdown day for us is wake around 7-7.30am. My husband heads out for takeaway coffees and the kids get organised for school. By 8.20am everyone is in their space doing their thing. If I am not working I...
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Send Sydney some love 💝- 5 small businesses to support

After seven weeks of lockdown, we wanted to give a shout out to some of our favourite small businesses in Sydney. Maybe you're looking for ways to support creatives - then this is it!  Baby Anything: contemporary jewellery Designed by Lucie Ferguson, Baby Anything (@babyanything) boasts a collection of feminine pieces that are set to become heirlooms. Drawing inspiration from a kaleidoscope of muses: film characters, song lyrics, people she meets on her travels, and her 70s goddess of a mother, Lucie crafts pieces from precious metals and gemstones to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Meltdown Artisan: artisanal chocolate Every facet of Meltdown Artisan (@meltdownartisan) is run by founder and sole trader, Jen Lo. With a focus on sustainability, Jen's...
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Conversations and Colour: Deb Bibby

Deb Bibby needs no introduction. For someone so softly spoken, she holds an intelligence and creativity that quietly simmers away, powerful in her understatement. Warm, gentle, fierce - what may seem like a paradox is supremely Deb.  And if you're thinking: "Well I don't know Deb." You do. She's the mastermind (founding editor-in-chief, no less) behind the cult-like status of lifestyle magazine real living. Within both interiors and fashion, Deb has edited publications across London and Sydney for over 20 years.   Content specialist. Creative consultant. Chief storyteller. Beautiful inside and out, and an absolute zeitgeist, we were lucky to spend some time with Deb at her home, a boatshed overlooking Pittwater, to chat about life defining moments, favourite get-up-out-of-your-chair tunes,...
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