Send Sydney some love 💝- 5 small businesses to support

After seven weeks of lockdown, we wanted to give a shout out to some of our favourite small businesses in Sydney. Maybe you're looking for ways to support creatives - then this is it! 

Baby Anything: contemporary jewellery

Designed by Lucie Ferguson, Baby Anything (@babyanything) boasts a collection of feminine pieces that are set to become heirlooms. Drawing inspiration from a kaleidoscope of muses: film characters, song lyrics, people she meets on her travels, and her 70s goddess of a mother, Lucie crafts pieces from precious metals and gemstones to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Meltdown Artisan: artisanal chocolate

Every facet of Meltdown Artisan (@meltdownartisan) is run by founder and sole trader, Jen Lo. With a focus on sustainability, Jen's chocolates have fast built a cult-like following - and for good reason. 100% traceable back to the farmer, each creation is a work of art - it's hard not to eat them all, but somebody has to do it. 

The DEA Store: intrinsically beautiful homewares

Step inside DEA (Delicate Eye Area) and you'll want to take your time meandering through their carefully curated collection. Same applies when you explore their Instagram feed. Perfect for gifts (or self-gifts!), choose from Australian and Japanese ceramics and meticulously selected homewares. The only thing you'll be sad about is that you didn't discover them sooner.

KARMME: Sydney-made leathergoods

What started as a scrap of leather destined to become a handbag for her sister, soon turned into an artisanally made collection of leathergoods with a firm global following. Creative and founder, Imby Langenbach accidentally started the label on Instagram - we're so glad she did because her small-run designs are so beautifully made. 

Chee Soon & Fitzgerald: a Sydney institution

From cushions, textiles and lighting to collected and covetable vintage pieces - since 1996, Chee Soon & Fitzgerald (@cheesoonfitzgerald) has been serving Sydney residents serious inspiration. Need a gift? Shop here - but be warned, you might just want to keep it for yourself.

Any support - from an Instagram follow, to a social media shout out, or all purchases - great or small - will help support these small independent businesses, and make a difference. Sydney - we're thinking of you! x

image: Meltdown Artisan