How Sydney photographer Jacqui Turk is spending lockdown

While so many Australians are bunkering down at home, we took the chance to speak with four of our favourite photographers about life in lockdown. 

Traditionally behind the lens, we shone the spotlight on them to find out what this time looks for them, how they're coping, and most excitingly - what they're snacking on. 

This week we chat with Sydney-based interiors and lifestyle photographer Jacqui Turk.

Jacqui Turk at home wearing the Little Tienda Dunes Martha dress

Tell us what an ordinary day in your house looks like in lockdown: A typical lockdown day for us is wake around 7-7.30am. My husband heads out for takeaway coffees and the kids get organised for school. By 8.20am everyone is in their space doing their thing. If I am not working I will be cleaning the kitchen! Then a walk or online Pilates/ Barre class. By 3.30pm everyone is done, we’ll take the dog to the park or go for a walk. The fire pit comes alive about 5pm where we like to sit and download our day (with a drink). Mon-Wed is all about Survivor in our house, go George!

Have there been any surprising highlights about lockdown? Yes, definitely. Getting to spend quality time with my teens. They are never usually keen to hang out, but in lockdown they have no choice!

Worst bit? Boredom = too much eating!

Have you learnt anything about yourself during this time? I’ve learned that I can survive quite a long time without hitting the shower, is that too much info?

Has lockdown given you another creative perspective? It actually has. In my working life I always work with amazing stylists but in lockdown I’ve had to attempt styling shoots myself. It’s been challenging but I am enjoying the process.

Taken up any pandemic hobbies? I tried painting and I enjoyed it a lot.

What’s your favourite lockdown snack? Harvest Snaps, I have consumed way too many!

And what’s your go-to toast topping? Avocado and tomato....or I prefer raisin toast.

Sydney photographer Jacqui Turk wears Little Tienda

Lockdown tip? (how are you getting through the tedium of being at home 24/7?) For me exercise and staying active is the key. If I have gone for a walk or do an online fitness class I feel better mentally and sleep better, which is definitely a positive.

Feeling fortunate about... living in such close proximity to the bush and having access to so many amazing walking tracks.

If you could be anywhere in the world - pandemic and vaccination passport aside - where would you be and with who? Lying on a beach in the Greek Islands somewhere with the family

Current favourite song? Anything from Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’ album. Or Boy and Bear’s ‘Walk the Line’.


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Jacqui wears the Dunes Martha dress throughout.

Photography by Maya Turk.