Conversations + Colour: Deni Todorović

LGBTQIA+ activist. Fashion editor. Celebrity stylist. Creative director. Content creator. Pop culture addict. Style icon. Is there anything Deni Todorović doesn't do? 

Unlikely! Which is why we were lucky to chat to them about life, their creative journey, and what's coming up next. 

If you follow Deni on Instagram, you'll know that they're a wealth of love, support and fierceness (when it comes to fashion) - and a constant beacon of inclusiveness and warmth. And if you don't follow Deni - then do! The inimitable style genius generously and genuinely enlightens and uplifts on the daily. 

We're delighted to introduce you to Deni Todorović.

Tell us who you are and what you want us to know about you: My name is Deni, my pronouns are They/Them, I’m 33 and I am a fashion-obsessed, pop culture addict who loves their family so incredibly much. I’m also a Content Creator, Queer Activist and Stylist.

Where do you live and what do you love about it? I live in Geelong, Victoria. I love it because no matter how much it grows and evolves over time, it always has such a wholesome small town heart and spirit.

Deni Todorovic, Style by Deni and their mum wearing Little Tienda Rainbow Disco pieces.

You’re considered not only a style icon, but an activist for the LGBTQIA+ community. How can we all be better allies? Its very simple really, the key thing I always say is lead with empathy love and kindness. When you approach all humans this way, allyship is the next most effortless step.

How has your life changed over the last year? Its changed exponentially. Both personally and professionally. I simultaneously came out as non-binary and started to really make content creation and storytelling my full-time gig. So the intersection of these two things changed the course of my life completely.

How did your career begin? And what’s your biggest achievement to date? My career actually begun in Fashion & Retail. I studied design in Paris and then my first ‘fashion job’ was in the buying office at Myer, 13 years ago. My biggest achievement to date is probably a tie-breaker. It was working as Cosmopolitan’s Fashion Editor in the last year of the magazine's existence and also being in this years Body Shop ‘Self Love’ campaign – as my own person. Separate from Cosmo or my previous career trajectory. However I’m so grateful for both chapters.

The best influence on you? And the worst? The best – is my best friend Amanda, she makes me a better person in so many ways. The worst influence on me? Is probably TikTok – so many creators pumping up my mind with ‘life’s too short’ power videos when actually I also have bills to pay, ha ha, so I draw the fine line between my best friend who is very good at influencing me to be smart in life and business, and TikTok who tells me to live in the moment.

Deni Todorovic and their mum wearing Little Tienda Rainbow Disco pieces.

You have such a close relationship with your mum. Has it always been this way? Absolutely. Since day dot. But it's also become so much closer and stronger in the last year than ever.

Describe your personal style in five words: Eccentric. Bold. Expressive. Contrasts. Chameleon.

At a dinner party I am likely to be… The light source. Not necessarily the star of the room because I’m actually quite introverted, but I love to spark conversation and joy in even the smallest of ways.

Your go-to song that never fails to cheer you up? 'Getaway Car' by Taylor Swift.

Go-to beauty product you can’t live without? Biossance Squalane Oil. It’s the most heavenly hydrating thing you’ll ever put on your face.

Someone you love following on Instagram? Jeffrey Marsh. 

Deni Todorovic wears Little Tienda Rainbow Disco Jumpsuit

What’s next on the agenda for Deni Todorović? Many things of which I can’t give away - but what I can say is that whatever I do, I will continue to facilitate conversations and tell stories of the human experience. So come along for the ride darlings! 

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Deni and their mum both wear the Little Tienda Rainbow Disco collection throughout.