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Stories — quilt

A - Z: tips to get you from awake to zzzz

Actually we're not giving you 26 sleep tips. You can just google them*.   Instead we'd love to inspire a little bedroom makeover with our consciously crafted Little Tienda Home quilts - for the most dreamy bedroom styling and snuggling. The project itself started back in early 2021, as a way to ensure the LittleTienda team based in India were able to maintain safe work during extended lockdowns.  "Our team wanted to create an heirloom piece that encompasses the comfort we are all desperately craving, while giving back to those who create them, and keeping traditional handcrafts alive," said Emily Dezentje, founder.  A modern twist on the traditional kantha quilt, each quilt if hand-stitched by women in rural Rajasthan utilising a customary unknotted...
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Two sisters with impeccable taste: Meet Read & Hall

We love house perving. There. Now. We've said it. We admit it. We love a good interiors gawk, taking a look at people's style, where they love, and how they style things. If you've not come across the two sisters behind Read & Hall - you really should check them out (and their renovated homes - one an old church steeped in history, the other a lovely warm bungalow - swooning!). Oh and did we mention their Airbnbs? We will get to that! Effortless style, relaxed, curated homes - that are both lived in, loved and ridiculously stylish. To celebrate the launch of Little Tienda Home - we asked them to each choose a quilt and share a little about who they are. Read on!...
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Flora for all seasons

Remember when you were small and every piece of bed linen, every rogue chair, oversized box - anything was included in fort building? It conjures feels of fun and adventure, innocent days full of sunshine and creative play. The brilliant Sophie Hansen of Local is Lovely captured her babe, on the riverbank peeking out of this ready-made fort. Pure joy. We can almost feel the grass underfoot, the babble of the water, and the butterflies in our stomach as we run in and out, hiding and dreaming up bigger worlds.  While not strictly created for forts (but who are we to say!) our quilts are handcrafted to be used however you deem fit. We love ours thrown - haphazardly - across...
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At home with Jason Grant

We are all for a relaxed and lived in and loved home. Curated with special pieces, natural fibres that are breathable, and in their simplicity bring a luxurious quality to the home.  Byron-based interior stylist, designer and author Jason Grant recently styled his bed with our new Playa quilt - coastal cool, a palette of ocean, sky blue and white juxtaposed against the most joyous colour of them all - buttery yellow. "Styling seems such a clinical term for me these days - especially for the home. I prefer the term decorating (it's a little old-fashioned but I like it). For me it's more natural and instinctual, not overly considered or tortured. I've always loved a lived-in look. Maybe odd for someone who's...
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Earthy neutrals - for you and your home: 4 favourites

Little Tienda is known for colour and print - however we've found ourselves increasingly drawn to earthy neutrals.  It could be a reflection of the state of the world, it could be our yearning for connection to earth, or maybe neutrals are just the perfect foil to our collection of punchy prints. No matter what - we're really loving neutrals. Here are four favourites!  For a tranquil home: Minimalist and timeless the Canyon quilt from the new Little Tienda Home collection features colour blocking for the win.  The two-tone delight (dusty blush reversing to a slightly paler ochre pink) evokes the warmth of the Australian landscape. A modern twist on the traditional kantha (meaning: patched cloth), each quilt is lovingly...
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Introducing Little Tienda Home: quilts with a conscience

Introducing Little Tienda Home. Inspired by nostalgia and an inherent need for comfort, designed for everyday enjoyment and crafted to endure for years to come, LT Home celebrates print, pattern and colour.  Debuting with a capsule collection of three handmade, consciously crafted quilts that are perfect for piling on (or hiding under!) - Little Tienda is ideal for nesting. "Increasingly home is an important place - I wanted to create an heirloom piece that encompasses the comfort we all crave, while also giving back to those who create them," said Emily Dezentje, founder - Little Tienda. "Our quilts are tactile textiles that evoke a strong feeling of connectivity, it's an ethos at the very core of who Little Tienda is." A modern day twist...
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