Flora for all seasons

Remember when you were small and every piece of bed linen, every rogue chair, oversized box - anything was included in fort building? It conjures feels of fun and adventure, innocent days full of sunshine and creative play.

The brilliant Sophie Hansen of Local is Lovely captured her babe, on the riverbank peeking out of this ready-made fort. Pure joy. We can almost feel the grass underfoot, the babble of the water, and the butterflies in our stomach as we run in and out, hiding and dreaming up bigger worlds. 

Little Tienda Flora quilt photographed by Sophie Hansen

While not strictly created for forts (but who are we to say!) our quilts are handcrafted to be used however you deem fit. We love ours thrown - haphazardly - across our bed (a la Jason Grant), the perfect extra layer to snuggle under. Being 100% cotton - it's a lovely summer weight for when you just want to kick all your covers off. 

Others have told us they make ideal couch comforters - a generous enough size that the whole family can curl up together and enjoy a Friday night filmfest. 

Little Tienda Flora quilt - detail

We have three to choose from - all classic designs, created to be enjoyed in your home for many years to come. These are memory makers.

Little Tienda Flora quilt

Flora (featured here) features a traditional floral Indian block print in a romantic palette of pink and green, reversing to the refreshing celadon. The perfect way to invite a little bit of nature indoors - cool and calming, we're looking forward to summer days and Flora being the epicentre of laidback days (and nights).

Handcrafted by our team in Rajasthan, our Little Tienda Home quilts are made from 100% cotton, and feature a traditional unknotted running-stitch technique, each taking months to create.  With Christmas coming fast upon us, pop one on your wish list - or shop now and treat yourself, and build a fort a la Sophie Hansen.