Introducing Little Tienda Home: quilts with a conscience

Introducing Little Tienda Home. Inspired by nostalgia and an inherent need for comfort, designed for everyday enjoyment and crafted to endure for years to come, LT Home celebrates print, pattern and colour. 

Debuting with a capsule collection of three handmade, consciously crafted quilts that are perfect for piling on (or hiding under!) - Little Tienda is ideal for nesting.

"Increasingly home is an important place - I wanted to create an heirloom piece that encompasses the comfort we all crave, while also giving back to those who create them," said Emily Dezentje, founder - Little Tienda. "Our quilts are tactile textiles that evoke a strong feeling of connectivity, it's an ethos at the very core of who Little Tienda is."

A modern day twist on the traditional kantha (meaning: patched cloth), each of the three quilts in the collection are hand-stitched by women in rural Rajasthan using a customary unknotted running-stitch technique, each quilt taking months to complete. 

Little Tienda quilt

"The quilts felt like a natural extension for Little Tienda - our new collection is a celebration of textiles, handcrafts and community. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted, with the same quality and traditional artisanal work synonymous with our brand," added Emily. 

The quilt collection was formed in order to provide the Little Tienda team based in India with much needed, safe work conditions while undergoing extended lockdown.

With three distinct quilt designs available (each featuring a reversible side), the new quilts are an example of delicate work crafted from block printed or hand-dyed cotton percale, with 100% natural cotton fill. 

Playa: A graphic and contemporary coastal diamond design in shades of blue, Playa is the ultimate optimist reversing to the sunniest yellow.

Flora: A romantic, classic floral block print in a palette of pink and green, reversing to the most perfect celadon.

Canyon: Colour blocking for the win with this dusty blush quilt that reverses to a paler pink for a warm, yet minimalist aesthetic.

Little Tienda quilt

Florals, colour blocks and pattern collide in a healthy dose of colour and design, and offering both warmth and visual texture to the bedroom or living room.

Cosy and comforting, they're ideal for layering on guest beds for a welcoming home away from home. Handcrafted and created to enjoy for years to come - just the way we like it!