A - Z: tips to get you from awake to zzzz

Actually we're not giving you 26 sleep tips. You can just google them*.  

Instead we'd love to inspire a little bedroom makeover with our consciously crafted Little Tienda Home quilts - for the most dreamy bedroom styling and snuggling.

The project itself started back in early 2021, as a way to ensure the LittleTienda team based in India were able to maintain safe work during extended lockdowns. 

"Our team wanted to create an heirloom piece that encompasses the comfort we are all desperately craving, while giving back to those who create them, and keeping traditional handcrafts alive," said Emily Dezentje, founder. 

A modern twist on the traditional kantha quilt, each quilt if hand-stitched by women in rural Rajasthan utilising a customary unknotted running stitch technique. Each quilt takes months to create - resulting in handcrafted goodness to be enjoyed for years to come.

Emily added: "Ideal all year round, for summer I love sleeping under just a quilt - it's light, but still gives a little coverage. Once the cooler months roll in, I'll be layering up my bed, keeping the colour, texture and warmth of this quilt to bring some joy to grey days (and nights)."


Available in three styles, these decadently oversized pieces are tactile textiles at their best:

Playa: a graphic and contemporary coastal diamond design in shades of blue, Playa is the ultimate optimistic palette play, reversing to the sunniest yellow.

Canyon: colour blocking for the win with this dusty blush quilt that reverses to a paler pink for a warm, yet minimalist aesthetic.

Flora: a romantic, classic floral block print in a palette of pink and green, reversing to the most perfect celadon.


*Still looking for sleep tips? Make your bed every morning! We swear by this routine to create a welcoming haven away from the rest of your home.

​Styling by Holly Hipwell; photography by Jacqui Turk.