Welcome to 2022

Of course, you've already walked in the door and we're at least a little fashionably late to the party. Why? Because we've been swimming in the ocean, enjoying the lick of salt on our skin. Lazy mornings, long late lunches, and as many are - staying home. 

Like everyone - we have anticipated and braced ourselves for a new year - full of hope, joy, optimism. It doesn't feel like it's really yet delivered, so we will create that space ourselves - holding firm to what's important.

This season we spent a lot of time in swimwear and not a lot of anything else. We had sandy toes, damp towels punctuated our living space, the smell of mangoes a welcome to holidays and hope.  

The good news is: we're back, we're ready to zip out of our cossies and into a brand new year of Little Tienda confections.

If you placed an order - we'll aim for it to ship this week. Stand by - and thanks for joining us on this adventure, we're quietly confident that the only way is up. 

With love, gratitude and big dreams, 

Em x


image by Guy Bourdin