All I want for 2022 is...

With the new year comes expectation. Dreams, hopes, wishes: the fresh new calendar always carries so much weight - and even moreso two years into a pandemic.

​At this stage we're setting our sights low (with the hope we are delightfully surprised) - we'd be happy for a slice of cake, and to enjoy it surrounded by family and friends, we aimed higher and asked four Australian creatives to share what they're looking forward to in 2022 (may it be more than a fresh mask, plentiful sanitiser and ready access to a RAT).

Holly Hipwell of The Flower Drum wears Little Tienda Britta dress

Holly Hipwell - The Flower Drum

What do you hope for in 2022? I hope for more flowers, more fun and more time with my friends!

Anything you're going to change this year? Yes absolutely - I want to try and conquer the work/life balance! After having so much downtime during Covid lockdown last year, I was really enjoying the positive changes - spending more time in the kitchen making yummy good, and exercising every day with my darling doggo Ruffy. For the last few months it's just been work, work, work and I felt so burnt out! Time to change that. 

Who's inspiring you? I'm always inspired by the change of season and new flowers it brings along with it. Although we have had a wet summer there's been an abundance of beautiful blooms. It's always inspiring to have an evolving palette. 

Jason Grant and Gertie portrait

Jason Grant - stylist & author: 

What is your biggest hope for 2022? I'm always optimistic, it's not easy. I always try to only worry about what I can control and how I react to what is presented to me. This year is really about focusing on what is true to me. For me it always about evolution on a personal and a work level, moving forwards, always believing anything is possible you just need to do the work.To take one day at a time, to be easy on myself and others. To be creative on my own terms, and at my own pace and work on projects that are self satisfying and rewarding. To focus and manifest a few special things and to create a little magic.

What are three things you do to change your mood? 

1. A swim or generally any time escaping and immersing myself in nature.

2. Meditation.

3. A good laugh with friends.

What's currently inspiring you? Nature is a constant - I am always looking to nature for inspiration, colours, tones, moods, textures, shapes, patterns and rhythms. Slowing down over the break is important and rewarding - it's important for creative people to have down time. Master class ( @masterclass )- I love learning and here I can learn from some of the best.
Read and Hall sisters by Hannah Puechmarin
Em and Sarah - Read & Hall:

It's 2022 - what are you hopeful for? We are hoping that the chaos of the last few years will eventually lead to a paradigm shift for everybody, a new normal where people can live more authentically. Work in the way they want to work and maybe dare we say it, travel again. 

Anything you're going to change this year? We feel even more inclined, especially in our communication even to say and do the things that are real without all the things you think you should do and say. Authenticity has never been so important we reckon. Sarah would love to change her unrenovated  bathroom situation this year, it’s really gone on too long and Em would like some more road trips please, preferably solo without border issues. We’d love to sell some more vintage furniture this year @readandhalltraders because that was fun and we need some fun right now! 

What’s a song you’re playing on repeat? 'I am Woman' by Emmy Meli and 'Tupelo Honey' by Van Morrison.