Conversations + Colour: Kara Rosenlund

As we slowly wrap up the year that was (and continues to be - please have mercy on us!), we're delighted to close our Conversations + Colour series with the one and only Kara Rosenlund. 

She's someone who has jam packed a heck of a lot into her life already - and added another string to her bow with the addition of her wee baby Edie, earlier in 2021 (no doubt a highlight for many of us - who doesn't love a fresh babe in arms?!). 

Kara is one of those rare people who oozes pure talent. Allow us to have a rampant fangirl moment, but there's nothing she cannot do. A photographer, stylist, who curates her own lifestyle store, and of course, so much more.

Kara put a fresh lens on Australia in a way that made us almost weep with joy and nostalgia - who could ever forget that iconic shot of a sun drenched Hills Hoist? She has an impeccable eye - and transforms the everyday into a piece of art to be celebrated. 

​Without further ado - we'll let Kara do the talking (but we will not stop singing her praises, ever!). 

Kara Rosenlund and baby Edie

Kara Rosenlund - you’ve recently welcomed a baby - how has life changed? Life has become so much more full and so much more real since becoming a mother. My heart explodes daily! 

Tell us about where you live, and what do you love about it? I split my time between Brisbane and North Stradbroke Island.  But since having my daughter Edie, I spend most of my time on the little off shore Island. I just love the freedom and connection to nature the island offers. 

When did you first pick up a camera? I first picked up my parents camera when I was about 11 years old and I was obsessed with photographing my pet chickens in the backyard. For my 13th Birthday my parents bought me my own camera and I’ve always had one close since. 

What’s been your career path? It’s always orbited around photography. I spent my early 20s as a commercial photographer in Sydney and then I moved to London where I was a prop buyer and stylist. When I came back to Brisbane, I launched my Traveling Wares caravan shop which was a travelling treasure trove of all things vintage homewares. I’ve then circled back into photography and started my online photographic print shop and lifestyle brand. This way combines my two loves of photography and home.  

What’s been a highlight for you? Buying my photographic studio four years ago, before this I was crammed into a little co-working space, which was so much fun, but I knew if I wanted to grow my business, I would need more space. 

Your normal days must have changed since having Edie. Tell us about them. They start a lot earlier now, though I still work full time. The major difference is I work in bursts of time, which is actually more productive. I’ll do a three hour block of work then spend an hour with her, then this pattern lasts throughout the day. She comes to the studio with me so she’s never far from my side. 

What inspires you? Always nature! I like to connect everything to the natural world. My photographic print collections are always inspired by nature and the colours and textures of my lifestyle pieces are always a link to the landscape. 

What’s the closest thing to real magic? Waking up early on a sundrenched Saturday morning, walking the back track, through the banksias and pandanus to the beach and having a swim with my daughter is my idea of magic. 

Favourite toasted sandwich set up? I like a classic cheese and tomato toastie with extra salt and pepper. I’ll always bite the corners off first to let the hot air out so I don’t burn my tongue. I love using my mum’s 1980s Jaffle maker. 

At a dinner party I am likely to be… I love being the host and I’ll go full Martha on my dinner guests. My favourite part is setting the table, as I adore all the small details when it comes to building and decorating a dinner table. I love making everyone feel loved and special through the details.

Favourite Little Tienda piece? I love the Layla in white blouse, I wear it as a frock over my swimmers as it is perfect for balmy days at the beach. 

Someone you love following on Instagram? I love following Rudy Jude. I love looking into her lifestyle in Coastal Maine 

What’s a favourite travel memory? And if you could travel anywhere in the world - where would we receive a postcard from? My favourite travel memory would be of spending time on a small island off the west coast of France called Ile De Re. It’s an Island where you only ride bicycles and they are known for their cold Rosé, goats cheese and oysters. My husband Timothy O and I made the most of our time on the island, riding bikes with our baskets full of wine and goats cheese, shucking oysters in between our swims. This is where I’ll send you a postcard from. 

Favourite bedside read? Currently, it’s the childhood classic Miffy. 

Tell us - what’s coming up next for you? I’m really looking forward to having a break and a holiday at home over on north Stradbroke island, slowing life right down and having quality family time over the Christmas period. 


You can find Kara on Instagram here, or take a look at her website here. 

Kara wears the Layla blouse in Crisp White throughout.