Meet our maker: an interview with founder, Emily Dezentje

PSSST! Our founder, Emily Dezentje is humble and quiet about her achievements, and well - we're not - because we're mighty proud of all she's created with Little Tienda. Not just the brand, but the community and the support she gives the Little Tienda team in India, her vision, her ethics. It's phenomenal.

We've snuck in to write this post and give Em the shout out and support she gives so many others every day of the year. We don't get to celebrate her enough - so we wanted to give you the heads up that there's a really great interview with her in the latest issue of Peppermint mag. Em talks about the origins of Little Tienda, how and why she started it - and what's important to her and the brand. 

As a busy and loving mum of four, she has built her business from the ground up - with the motto 'better not bigger' - and those words are what we draw on each day. 

​Pick up a copy of Peppermint and read all about Emily - like we said, she probably won't mention it, but we are secretly putting this blog post live to let you know - she's a star.

Peppermint Magazine front cover