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Stories — Melbourne

Conversations + Colour: Kirsten Jenkins

She’s the person who got us through lockdown and months of boredom being in the kitchen with her inspiring Instagram feed of… food. She’s funny, insanely talented, and a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t follow Kirsten Jenkins, then we’re going to ask: where the bloody hell are you?  Food stylist, recipe developer, content creator and all-round motivator to create a really tasty sandwich (look just follow her on instagram - IYKYK), Kirsten works with a number of food titles including delicious. - and thrillingly recently revealed three ways to chop a spring onion (there’s nothing she can’t do!!). She loves a Negroni - and quite frankly, we’d love to have one with her, we got to chat...
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Conversations + Colour: Melbourne-based artist, Madeleine Stamer

She is pure joy and radiates goodness. Melbourne-based artist, Madeleine Stamer is hope and optimism personified - and an insanely talented artist. Plus she's one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. With an illustrious career spanning a number of disciplines - ceramics, art, art educator, creative collaborator - she's prolific as she is inspired.  Colourful, playful and fun - the inimitable mum of two, is a joy to know in real life as she is to follow on Instagram. Effortlessly cool - this week we chat with Maddi about what's happening in her life. Madeleine Stamer. What should we know about you? Hello, I’m Madeleine or some people prefer to call me Maddi, Mads, Mad, Madge!  I’m a Melbourne artist, I’m...
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Dancing, cheese toasties on a Thursday and mates: Martina Gemmola shares her lockdown # 6

Having lived over 200 days in lockdowns, Melbourne-based interiors, lifestyle and travel photographer Martina Gemmola has certainly brought some semblance of organisation, routine and fun to her family’s many days in isolation.  And in between lockdown? She’s learnt to live fast, work quickly and pack as much as she possibly can in. Married to another photographer, they team up for tag-teaching, taking turns to host learning sessions for their two small boys, abandon homeschooling at 2pm, and set out on creekside adventures together.  A calm, generous soul (she once turned up laden with a stack of pizzas for a starving production team), Martina’s eye for detail, colour and life has meant she’s travelled the world and is in demand for...
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Conversations + Colour: Julia Ostro

This week, we travel to Melbourne (and a few weeks back in time, between lockdowns), and we chat with cook, author and Italian teacher - the delectable Julia Busuttil Nishimura.  Back in 2017, Julia splashed onto the scene with her first cookbook ‘Ostro’.  celebration of her Maltese upbringing and time living in Italy, rather than your regular cookbook, this was a foray into the sensual art of slowing down, stressing less and getting hands on creating delicious meals with simple ingredients (if you haven’t made her greens pie - who even are you?!).  Welcome into the delicious world of Julia.  Julia Busuttil Nishimura, tell us who you are and what you want us to know about you: I am a...
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To Melbourne, with love - 5 small businesses to support

As our friends and family in Victoria head in to their sixth lockdown, our hearts are breaking with them. I want to send as much love and support to them as I can, so today I am sharing some small businesses that I genuinely love and buy from. Supporting small business right now, means you are directly putting food on their family table and alleviating a little stress from everyday life. I can promise you, that each purchase will be received with so much love and truly spark a little joy for these women.  Madeleine Stamer Madeleine Stamer (@madeleine_stamer)  is one of my most favourite artists (also one of my best friends). Maddie's work is full of colour, heart and folksy vibes. She is a mother of...
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Conversations and Colour: Qew Hector

When you see her, you might experience something out-of-this-world - a wash of happiness, optimism - and you'll no doubt want to study every inch of her artfully curated outfits (we sure do).  Qew Hector IS colour. The antithesis of stereotypical Melbourne fashion - she can't get enough of every hue, synonymous with her use of a wide and playful palette. She conjures The Rolling Stones 'She's a rainbow' - and we could not love her more.  Bright (in every sense of the word), powerful, big-hearted and dedicated to her beautiful family (Jimmy, Olive and Pickles the sausage dog), Qew chatted with us about sobriety, her very real love for Real Housewives and gave us the scoop on who we...
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