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Stories — Pastel Bloom

Introducing Pastel Bloom

Ever the optimists, we're looking forward to welcoming spring. The seasonal shift, longer days, jasmine floating on the warm air. And of course, the promise of afternoons in the sunshine spent with family and friends.  Our new collection, Pastel Bloom, is the celebration of all of those things. A super-soft handwoven cotton pastel plaid, featuring hand-embroidered flowers crafted by female artisans in Jaipur, India - the collection is filled with traditional craftsmanship reimagined for 2021.  Crafted with care over months, the Pastel Bloom collection is a community project uniting three different artisan communities and resulting in one unified range. Designed to be worn and enjoyed all season long (and of course, for years to come). Flowers. Plaid. Three timeless and...
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