Conversations + Colour: Silvia Colloca

When it comes to girl-crushes, Silvia Colloca is top of our list. Clever, witty, talented, funny, abundantly beautiful, stylish, passionate - look we could go on, but we fear we're gushing (and rightly so). 

Actor, author (she's released five books!), cook, professional opera singer; the Italian-born Colloca has accompanied us during many lunch breaks (we *may* have watched her YouTube channel a lot) as she masterfully whips up a range of decadent meals - effortlessly so. We could listen to her speak about food for hours, a sort of ASMR-type situation. 

Joyful and generous, we were thrilled to chat with Silvia this week. 


Pantry item: Pasta, rice, olive oil, anchovies

Everyday recipe: Spaghetti with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil

Beauty item: Vitamin A serum!!

Wardrobe item: Summery, floral dresses with a cropped leather jacket

Book: Untamed by Glennon Doyle


Dinner venue: Marta in Rushcutters Bay

Song: Sweet child o’ mine

Instagram account: Pupcave (I mean, puppies, right??)

Fashion inspiration: Anything that is colourful

You’d rather:

Coastal or city: Coastal

Cinema or Netflix: Cinema

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Vegemite or Peanut Butter: Peanut butter

Bridgerton or Breaking Bad: Breaking Bad

Favourite dinner cheat? Using stale bread rubbed in garlic and olive oil as the base for bruschetta. Top with anything you like!

Favourite place to travel? Back home (Italy)

Best advice you’ve ever received? Always do your best.

Favourite Little Tienda piece… This stunning lilac dress!

In one month Silvia Colloca will be… in ITALY with my family I haven’t seen for 3 years!!!


Find Silvia Colloca on Instagram here. And her book 'Simple Italian' here

Silvia wears the Day Trip Rowe dress in Lavender Meadow, Lucy skirt in Sunshine Gingham and the Kaia knit vest.  

Silvia was photographed by Flore Vallery-Radot.