Conversations + Colour: Beci Orpin

Where does one start when they talk about Beci Orpin?! THE Beci Orpin. Having voraciously followed her career for many years, it's always, always a joy to have the chance to chat with her. 


Iconic in her own right, ridiculously talented (honestly: she must sweat pure awesomeness) Melbourne-based Beci has created a cult-following - and yet, she is one of the most humble people you'll meet. We love Beci so much we renamed her Beci Awesome - and she is exactly that. A prolific artist, she uses colour, shape and form with an instantly identifiable aesthetic. Did we mention how much we love her?

Well you came here to read about Beci - so we'll stop telling you how brilliant she is and let her speak for herself. Good women - we give you Beci Orpin.


FIRST OFF: I’m gonna say I can rarely chose one thing so there will be many answers here!


Beauty item: I keep beauty stuff pretty basic TBH. Go To face oil I can’t live without though. 

Wardrobe item: Impossible! I like a good stash of teeshirts, anything I can layer too (vests / cardis / shirts). I’m also big on accessories - bags / socks  / headbands etc

Pantry item: The best quality salt  / sugo / butter


Dinner venue: We have some great places in our hood: Etta, Mankoushe, Shaboo Shabah and our local pub.

Dinner date: My family.


Space Song / Beach House 

Mystery of Love / Sufjan Stevens 

Endless / Frank Ocean

XO / the Weeknd

Instagram account: @fruitsmag @picnicforlunch @romanceofbooks @flexmami

Fashion inspiration: My sons & my friends / 90’s Japanese mags

You’d rather be 

Country or city: City! I’m a city girl through and through. I like lots of things and people going on around me, and the energy that provides. I also like quiet city times too.

Cinema or Netflix: Prefer cinema, but end up Netflix all the time because of convenience 

Coffee or tea: Tea! Strong English breakfast with a dash of milk. It’s literally the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning. 

Vegemite or Peanut Butter: Peanut butter, I always have this on toast to accompany my tea. 

Bridgerton or Breaking Bad: Sopranos and Euphoria 

Favourite life cheat? Ironing dresses while wearing them (just the bottom part obvs)

Favourite place to travel? Victorian coast and mountains / Tokyo.

Best advice you’ve ever received? Run your own race.

Favourite Little Tienda piece… Day trip Xael is so sweet and exactly the kind of layering piece that I love. I also love a stripe and the Cobalt table cloth and blush napkins are getting a workout at my house!

In one month Beci Orpin will be… 

Working on various projects, travelling regionally a lot for one of those projects, watching the studio garden start to take shape.

You can find Beci on Instagram here, and her website here


Beci wears the Xael vest throughout. 

Beci was photographed by Kate Berry.