We're talking tables: 3 tips for a fun table setting

Taking style cues from Allie King (above) and the Love & Mutiny team (below) we always love a more is more type scenario when it comes to table settings. Whichever way you choose to play it - our new linen will set the scene.

With a collection of hand-blocked table cloths to choose from, your dinner party - whether it's pizza or a three-course meal, will be one full of memories for all the right reasons.
The perfect backdrop to play off - keep your setting simple, or style up a storm - either way, your table sets the stage for a fun and stylish gathering. 
Love to create your own look? Us too! We encourage mixing and matching napkins with tablecloths to create a truly personal and fun look for your table. 
Three tips for creating a memorable table: 
1. Stick to a palette: As Allie King demonstrates - her pastel palette creates a unified theme, with elements of fun. By adding sweet treats, interesting shapes and freshness with her flowers - her table setting is playful, nostalgic and ticks all the right boxes. 
2. Go fresh: Sarah and Emma, the team behind Love & Mutiny, have created a decadent table setting that keeps your eye moving and your appetite peaking! By including fresh fruit and flowers (not to mention those neon candles) - it's a fun table you want to be invited to.
3. Don't be afraid to mix and match: As both table settings show - there's no need to keep everything perfectly matched. In fact - there's power in mixing things up and adding surprise elements. Plus a little play means your guests will be relaxed, and conversation will be flowing (as will the drinks!).