Thank you for your support of NonStop Vacay

As the world has seemingly come to a standstill, and our frontline workers continue to tirelessly work to protect us and keep life ticking as best they can - now is the time to reflect on just how fortunate we are. If you are reading this message it’s likely that you come from a position of privilege. 

Right now you might be aching to see your friends and family. You might be wanting to go to a cafe or wine bar, or to walk down the street with no fear. There’s no refuting it is hard. But if you have your own safe, clean space to isolate in - be it an expansive home or a tiny apartment - you come from a position of privilege.

Intrinsically, Little Tienda has always been about the people who make up my world. My loyal customers, those who choose to buy from me, my community - but above and beyond - it’s about celebrating those who stitch each garment together, who take fabric in their hands and turn them into magic. It’s those people who have made Little Tienda what it is - and today I want to turn my lens to them in a show of solidarity.

India is now facing the world’s biggest lockdown - in place until May 3. With a population of 1.3 billion, no soap and no sanitiser it’s a huge challenge. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said - “From an economic angle, we have paid a big price, but the lives of the people of India are far more valuable.” 

The very people who create Little Tienda are the very threads running through all I do. They’ve had to leave their work and isolate where they can. Their livelihoods have all but dried up. They’re not earning a wage - I want you to walk in their shoes.

I am doing my best to support my team but as a small business now I need your help. I want to send them hope, to be a light in their tunnel, to show them that people around the world care for them. How I’ve always approached business matters the most now, I am here for my people. 

I’m about to launch my new collection Non-Stop Vacay. Ironic that I named this before everything happened - and now we truly are living a non-stop vacay. With the luxury of soap, sanitiser and space. While the lockdown impacts delivery dates, I’m still forging ahead with my launch, because it’s the right thing to do to support my team. 

Those hands that create the Little Tienda pieces you love and collect - they need holding. Your support is now more important than ever. 

While many other retailers have cancelled orders - pre and post production, and left many workers without the promise of being paid, I am standing by my team to do all I can to ensure they’re not left behind. 

If you can, please stand with me and support the launch of Non-Stop Vacay. Together we can create a positive impact and support those who need it most. 

When the world has been moving at such a rapid pace - we’re now switching to slow down, and have the opportunity to practice patience, gratitude and looking out for those who need our support more than ever.

Thank you!

Always Love

Em xx