NonStop Vacay Together From Home

A few weeks a go, I was ready to launch a collection of clothing that I was so very proud of. That I have spent so much time and money creating. From samples to final product and creating imagery that I thought would best convey how I feel about the pieces. How the collection is really not about a destination - though Australia was part of my vision. My home - these pieces were created for home.

Skip forward and my whole production crew have been in lockdown for weeks and will be for a few more. So I have waited, I have fallen in love with the pieces again and I am feeling ready to show them off.

Although I am one person, Little Tienda is made up of so many great people. My incredible Production Manager, Sonia, shared a short part of a film from the Ministry of Textiles in India, a few words stuck "lets show the world we can do commerce with compassion". I am committed to sharing our work, to showing you ethical production extends beyond the garment in your hands, it is always about the PEOPLE. I think that we can get stuck on the end product - who makes the clothes is always Little Tienda's priority - it always has been. 

So on Thursday, I am launching, with an extended delivery date to accomodate the ever changing world. I hope that you love it, that you fall in love with your home and you remember how lucky we all are right now. Lockdowns, self isolating and social distancing are what will keep us safe and that's all we can wish for really. 

Love you, ALWAYS

Em xx