PICNIC Collection - A work of ART

A celebration of the most gorgeous collaboration of art and fashion - Picnic II has arrived

One of the my best friends, just happens to be an incredible artist who 100% captures my dreams in colour. Maria Flores, of Say Hola, is a woman who I adore. I adore her vision, passion and how she creates. It is full of love and good intention, just how I hope to always live. Back in 2016, Mars created this plaid for me. I actually think she was playing with colour and showed me and I knew I wanted to be dressed in it. Lucky for me, I make clothes for a living!

Picnic is a once a year collection of some of our most loved pieces, super limited edition and really a celebration of all things Little Tienda. It has no season, it has no perfect time of year or a perfect occasion. It is a moment. All made from Organic Cotton, sourced in India, the plaid is Hand Screen Printed. It is absolutely a work of art. 

Thank you to Mars, for always bringing more inspiration and joy than a lady can manage... what an honour it is to walk this life with you, I am full of gratitude for everything you are. 

Thank you to YOU for supporting this small business and everything we create and stand for. This is a glorious journey and I am thrilled you are coming for the ride.