At home with Jason Grant

We are all for a relaxed and lived in and loved home. Curated with special pieces, natural fibres that are breathable, and in their simplicity bring a luxurious quality to the home. 

Byron-based interior stylist, designer and author Jason Grant recently styled his bed with our new Playa quilt - coastal cool, a palette of ocean, sky blue and white juxtaposed against the most joyous colour of them all - buttery yellow.

"Styling seems such a clinical term for me these days - especially for the home. I prefer the term decorating (it's a little old-fashioned but I like it). For me it's more natural and instinctual, not overly considered or tortured. I've always loved a lived-in look. Maybe odd for someone who's been a stylist for such a long time, but hey - it's nice to see things for what they are with fresh eyes. I did throw my new Little Tienda quilt over the bed - but that's about it," said Jason.

Jason Grant styles his bed with the Little Tienda Playa Quilt

Our artisanally made quilt collection is hand-stitched by women in rural Rajasthan using traditional methods - each quilt taking months to complete. Minimalist and timeless in design, the Little Tienda quilts are crafted to last for many years to come, perfect for extra layering on the bed, creating comfort and texture on the sofa, or as a makeshift picnic blanket. We like to think of them as modern-day heirlooms.

Easy, comfortable homes for living a full life? That's what we love too.

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