At Home with Em

Hey it is Em, founder of Little Tienda, I would love to welcome you in to my home My good friend Alice @shecriedwolf came over for a morning of fun at my house while the kids ran around. I apparently have enough art, objects and outfits to create some fun ideas for the home which I hope inspires you to style your LT Home pieces with the things you love. 

I always have a table linen on our table, then add decorations to bring more depth. I am a collector of things that bring joy plus adore supporting independent artists - so we have lost of options to mix up the looks. I mix vintage pieces with modern designs with very little thought. We also use them on our vintage day bed (thanks to the gorgeous sisters of Read and Hall for finding this beauty), it really makes a gorgeous addition. 

We have several quilts throughout the home, not just in the bedrooms. They add a gorgeous layer of comfort to a space and are very practical for snuggling under. I love how our Quilts are a modern take on such a traditional design. 

Thanks for having a little look around our space, I hope that you found a little inspiration. Let me know if you want to know where the art is from, I am happy to share and hope you support local artists too. I would also love to see how you style your pieces, so please tag me on Instagram over the summer.

Thanks again!

Love Em x