Introducing the Little Tienda subscription

A message from Emily Dezentje - founder of Little Tienda:
If you follow us on Instagram - then you would have heard the news. For a long time I have wanted to create a special community of frock lovers, who trust me with the gorgeous task of dressing them each season. A complete passion project - it will result in you wearing a limited edition surprise dress designed by me.
Introducing the Little Tienda seasonal frock subscription. 
We've already started work on the first piece, ready for Spring. She is a total delight in every sense of the word, and versatile - I always design for all shapes and sizes.
So how does it work? Well as it's seasonal, you will be billed every three months with your new frock arriving around the 15th of the first month in the new season. Our first frock is set to arrive 15th September and the billing period commences now until 30th July (you don't want to miss out!). Once subscribed, the next billing period will be on the same day every three months (ie there are four dresses per year!).
Our subscription collections are strictly made to order, zero waste. This means there's a limited number of these pieces in the world, and this is part of the reason we can keep the garment price completely passion project based, it's a price you can easily fall in love with too!
Once you sign up, after delivery of the first dress, if you think 'nope' then you can easily unsubscribe. If you are 'I AM ALL IN', sit back and relax and enjoy the frocking show. 
Ready to take the adventure and join an exclusive community of frock lovers? You can sign up here
The team and I are so incredibly excited about this project. We can't wait to source incredible fabrics, design new silhouettes - and best of all - for you to honestly feel completely loved and excited about what the months are set to bring.
So much love,
Em xx