An Endless Summer in Maine

Julie - Polly Meadow

Many of you may know Julie O'Rourke as the founder of Rudy Jude, a brilliant US-based brand that I truly adore. In more ways than I can mention (but I am going to try), I am so inspired by Julie. By how she lives, mothers, loves and is endlessly creative - like endlessly talented and soooo much patience for projects that I can only hope to one day aspire to.

Over the summer Julie grew her own flax on her property to create linen textiles with, no more examples needed. 

Julie - Meadow Polly

I was overjoyed when Julie became a customer of mine, as I am of her brand. I really believe in women-run creative businesses that keep women in the home as much as they desire. It is exactly how I work too, so have much respect for this way of life.

Julie - Natalia Rouge


It thrills me to share this intimate shoot of Julie, created by her partner Anthony, on their land, shot over summer wearing pieces from the Little Tienda Meadow Collection. Julie said that while shooting they were planning their future home, making foundation plans and doing the ground work.

Endlessly inspired. 


Julie - Maribel Sage

Julie - Polly Meadow