9 questions with Little Tienda founder, Emily Dezentje

This week we scored a little time with Little Tienda founder, Em Dezentje to ask 9 burning questions. Between running a global fashion label from her Queensland based office, parenting four children - in school holidays no less, with a cheeky lockdown thrown in for good measure, and curating future collections, Em shared what she's got on her plate and what she's looking forward to.

What are you working on this week that you can share with us? Oh so much fun is happening behind the scenes. After the last 12 months of never knowing what will happen, we now create for future collections - and also on the fly. If we have a great idea, we roll with it instead of trying to schedule. We finished a very beautiful new dress recently and then decided to make it immediately in a gorgeous available woven check cotton. That was a little bit exciting. We are also finalising the main collection for AW22. We have the vintage inspired floral complete and are now moving towards our samples being ready to shoot in the coming months. 

What's making you tick this week? Shoots! Being with women I love working with. I do so much work on my own, that when I finally get to work on the dream with others it really feels great. 

What song have you got on repeat? Harvest Moon by Neil Young. I remember thinking Neil Found was old when I was 13/14 and he realised this song, now look at me haha still digging it. He remains unchanged however...  

Recipe you love cooking? Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli and Zucchini Pesto spaghetti. My kids favourite right now, perfect mid week veggie fix to keep their brains and bodies happy to get through the week. Super duper easy and a delight to eat. I totally made up the recipe. I might cook a little chicken for my boys, as they seem to crave protein at the moment. 

Reading? Deep diving into home magazines at the moment as we are in the process of finding a new home. It is absolutely all about the pictures. 

Must-have beauty product? I am a massive advocate for sunscreen every day. I currently use the Ultra Violette Queen Screen and wear Share the Base LB cream with sunscreen on top. Thats my everyday face. I am highly functional with my makeup.

Looking forward to? Watching all the behind the scenes plans coming to life!

Highlight of the week? I signed up to Wardrobe Crisis Academy: Sustainable Fashion 101. I love learning and this has made me reevaluate how I view sustainability and what goals I want to achieve for Little Tienda. I am going full nerd and loving it!

Lowlight of the week? More of a challenge. I’ve been trying to get a dress design perfect and it is causing so many problems. It was a spring piece, though sadly we are going to move it to next year, as it just isn't bringing the joy I imagined. 

Em Dezentje is the founder of Little Tienda. She lives in sunny Queensland with her husband and four children. 

Portrait by Amelia Fullarton.