Coba Dress (Blanco)

Coba Dress (Blanco)


INSANELY amazing! A dress that is absolutely meant to have a good time, that is stunning on every angle and full of joy. Embroidery runs down the middle, on the side and at down the back middle. Both the front and back have these amazing tassels that add such a stunning movement to the dress. 

This piece could fit a size 8-16
Approx 90cm in length unless stated

Bought direct from the artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico
Tassel colour will differ we have orange left

Please note: we love our traditional pieces for the crazy and raw threads, the uneven stitching and the beauty that it is. Each piece will vary in colour slightly and be just as unique as the wearer. Embrace the beauty that is hand made and imperfect.

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