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We are a little shop bringing the best and brightest from Mexico

We dont follow trends - were too busy making our own

We dont care for seasons - we transcend the calendar

We dress ladies of style; any age, any shape

Each of our pieces are lovingly hand-made, with generations of tradition and technique in each stitch, rich in culture, alive with passion and heritage

Our pieces bring a unique story and rhythm from Mexico - the vibrancy, the kick-up-your-heels lust for life, the colourful tales contained within each thread

The Little Tienda pieces are ready for a new adventure - for you to create your own style history

Since 2012, visionary Em Dezentje has held an inspired vision to fuse the traditional techniques of Mexican artisans with the fun of Australian style. Passionate about fair trade and establishing a strong relationship with the artisans to provide high quality pieces straight from Mexico - minus the jetlag, Ems inherent support of Mexican artisans has created fulfilling long-term relationships - and new projects to support these communities.

Little Tienda is the perfect fusion - a little bit Mexican, a little bit Australian and a whole lot of style.